My name is Sharon. 

I started this Blog to share the things I am learning from God as I grow in Him and hopefully mature in my faith. I guess my thoughts are that maybe someone else will benefit from the lessons I have learned, often the hard way, and the mistakes I have made. I have no theological degree, but I do have a passion for God's word and a zeal to know Him. If asked what defines me the most, I would say my faith in God. I currently live in Brisbane, Australia where I am a wife to a wonderful husband. Together we are raising three wonderful children. After working 15 years as an Occupational Therapist, I am now fulfilled as a full time mother, homeschooling our three children and working as a partner in our family business.

December 2011 saw me nearly dead with every medical specialist I saw, not having a clue. My health had been rapidly deteriorating for the past year. I was unable to get out of bed, sleeping about 1.5 hours a night (my thyroid and parathyroid had pretty much stopped working), constant diarrhea, 47 kg and hanging onto God! Why? Because the previous June I believed God had given me a promise that He would heal me in Psalm 41: 1-3 and so I kept reminding Jesus of this promise as my health deteriorated.

In Jan 2012 A medical Dr discovered I had a leaky gut. It is this which had caused me to lead a lifetime of allergies, asthma, hayfever, anxiety and at times depression. He discovered I was  allergic to pretty much every drug out there and intolerant to an awful lot of foods. This blog journals my journey to heal my gut using a mix of nutrition, natural medicines and a Biblical lifestyle. It is a long, difficult journey but well worth it. For the first two years, we ate paleo (grain free, legume free, dairy free, sugar free, organic) which brought some healing.  This was complemented by a version of the GAPS diet the following year.

By July 2015, I can confidently say that Jesus has healed me, both physically, mentally and spiritually. My autoimmune disease, allergies and their symptoms have been controlled now for well over 18 months. I can eat all foods that Yahweh created for food, if they are prepared correctly and eaten in a balanced way. We now eat all grains, legumes, meat, fish, dairy, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. My children are well. Our food addictions are controlled. We have life, we have energy, we have JOY!

Jesus has done this!

He held my hand through all the hardships, 
the ups and the downs. 
 He will still be there tomorrow 
to hold my hand
each and every day
for all eternity.

If you would like to know more, have a read here.


Sharon Stay

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