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How We Fight Illnesses Naturally

Growing up, my generation habitually was raised to fight illnesses with antibiotics and vaccines. Yet we are now warned by Doctors and specialists that this habit may be causing more harm than good as our bodies become overloaded with pharmaceuticals. We are warned that regular use of antibiotics leads to common illnesses morphing into 'super-bugs' - illnesses that are resistant to antibiotics and conventional pharmaceuticals. We are warned that vaccines may have harmful side effects and should not be given to everyone. Even a cursory read of a vaccine insert with assert this, let alone the growing mountain of research and antidotal evidence supporting the global existence of vaccine injury.

So what do we do when our illness fighting habits are no longer an option? Wouldn't it be wiser to fight illnesses naturally as long as possible and only use pharmaceuticals in extreme circumstances? Would it not be more affordable?

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That is the position our family has taken for quite some time now and I have to say, that in the past 4 or 5 years, we have been a lot healthier for it. Our severe food allergies and anaphylaxis have faded away. The debilitating fatigue that went along with that has gone too. Do we ever get sick? Yes! Everyone gets sick at some point. But when we do, our first approach is to fight the illness naturally and only seek medical attention when absolutely necessary.

Learning to fight illnesses naturally was a steep learning curve for me. Natural alternatives were given only a cursory glance in my bachelor's degree. Most doctors I've met, don't know the first thing about how to fight common illnesses naturally. Personally, I think that is something that could be improved upon in their training. So, how does our family approach illness naturally? Check out our new habits below, all of which are sanctioned by the Bible in aiding health.

10 Natural Remedies that Work!

  1. Prayer - As with all of life, don't leave out Jesus. He is the ultimate healer. As the Creator of our bodies, He knows what is best for us. Always pray first and seek Yahweh in prayer, tell him your needs with a thankful heart. Praise him when you are sick. Praise him when you are well.
  2. Quarantine - we isolate the ill person or persons to prevent the spread of the illness as much as possible. I was pleased to read in "None of these Diseases" how the Old Testament pattern of quarantine has been found to be the most beneficial. Funny that! Yes, it means we may have to cancel previous commitments. Yes it means we can't always go to work or school. Yes it means we may need to stay home more and slow down and rest. But it has always been wisest to show love to others by not sharing your 'joy' with everyone else as we colloquially put it, here in Brisbane.
  3. Feed vs Fast - my 93 year old grandmother gave us a piece of her wisdom in regards to this. She said, "feed a cold; starve a gastro". Practically, that means, we increase our healthy daily calorie intake when we have colds and flus and fast (abstain from food) when we have vomiting or diarrhoea. It's amazing how something as simple as this has helped our family so much.
  4. Broths - Never underestimate the wisdom of consuming homemade, organic chicken or fish broth. This is a nutrient dense food, that heals the lining of the gut (stomach and intestines) quickly. This is made by simply placing an organic chicken/fish carcass in a large pot and covering it with clean, filtered water. Add salt and possibly a dash or two of apple cider vinegar. Bring it to the boil and simmer for 1.5 to 3 hours. We love to just sip steaming cups of broth or alternatively, we use the broth as liquid in stews or when cooking brown rice.
  5. Probiotic foods - Fermented foods put back in the good gut flora that your body uses to digest it's food. Anti-biotics kill off the flora in your body. Probiotics put it back in. Eat your probiotic foods in the same proportions as a healthy diet. By that I mean, eat mainly probiotic vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled onions/beans/carrots), a little dairy if you are able and even less of the fermented drinks like komucha or water kefir. You can learn to make anaerobic probiotic foods from library books, the internet, cooking courses or a friend. We aim to eat probiotic foods daily.
  6. Herbal teas - We educated ourselves through library books and the internet on the useage of herbal teas for common aliments. We keep a good selection of organic, loose leaf herbal teas on hand. There are herbs that work as expectorants for chest infections, there are herbs that cleanse the liver, there are herbs that soothe sore throats, to name just a few. We've found this is a cheap, affordable solution to many illnesses. 
  7. Poultices - It is amazing how a simple poultice can heal. We had no idea how effective these were until we tried them. I do not understand the science behind these, but that does not stop me using them. On one occasion, my son had a severe ear ache involving cellulitis. For several days he was unable to eat because his jaw was swollen shut. We had been to the Dr but the pharmaceuticals were causing severe diarrhoea, so had to be stopped. My son was becoming sicker. A friend came over and showed us how to apply a poultice. Within 1 hour of applying an onion and garlic poultice...the fever was gone and my son slept without pain all night! The next morning he was able to eat. We continued to apply the poultice 3 times a day for an hour at a time until he was really well. Like Hezekiah in the Bible, the poultice was the right solution in this case.
  8. Essential Oils - There is a reason the Bible speaks so highly of the use of therapeutic grade essential oils in healing the body! They are amazing! Within a month of our family introducing these, the doctor started weaning us off our expensive herbal supplements. We simply educated ourselves on the appropriate use of the oils through books and the internet. We use oils on our bodies and in our home.
  9. Baths - There is such a thing as a medicinal bath. We've used salt baths, magnesium baths, epsom salt baths, bicarb-soda baths, apple cider vinegar baths and paprika baths, to name a few,  to facilitate the body to heal a variety of illnesses and de-stress. We used baths to heat the body up to induce fever and we've used them to cool the body down when it is too hot. Do your own homework on this ancient remedy.
  10. Massage - Massage is a wonderful way to de-stress, soothe sore or inflamed muscles and help the body's lymphatic drainage. We use either organic almond oil or coconut oil as a lubricant. this is a wonderful way for a husband and wife to connect with each other and unwind.
  11. Rest - Don't underestimate the importance of resting well. It is wise to rest without the influence of tv, internet, media, fb,  and phone from time to time. You can rest outside in the sunshine and fresh air or inside on a bed. Listen to your body and it's needs. Learn to switch off naturally.
  12. Exercise - a simple walk in the neighbourhood or local bushland can do you the world of good if your stress or illness comes from sitting around too much, a common problem in our modern desk-laden lifestyles. Get out side and enjoy the world that Yahweh made.
  13. Juicing - Technically, our juicing is probably more of a smoothy. We add 1/3 fruit (apples, oranges, kiwi etc) to 2/3 vegetables (leafy greens, root vegetables, herbs etc) and blend in a food processor with about 1 -2 litres of clean, filtered water. We like it this way because we consume both the fibre and the nutrients in a drink. Most days we have this with our breakfast.
  14. Hygiene and Sanitation - Don't underestimate the importance of a clean house and body. The Bible warns against mould, mildew and poor sanitation for good reason. Our dust, dust mite, cockroaches and mould allergies are kept under control by not allowing these things to get out of hand in our home. Use natural alternatives where you can. Regular cleaning will remove many of these problems.


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